Friday, April 23, 2010

Matching tests on Respondus

I recently made a matching key term test for science on Respondus. The process was mostly positive. The program is set up like word so using it is familiar. You can print out copies for students who are absent if you don't have a consistant set of computers to use. Be aware, if you want the printed version to print as you entered the words and definitions, you have to click a tiny box after the title of your test. Also, make sure you scroll all the way down the page to click all test options before moving from the page. You have to assign points, decide on calculation method and most importantly, you have to ADD IT TO END OF LIST. If you do not do this, you loose the test/quiz. Once Mark R. set up the transisition info. between Respondus and Blackboard, posting to Blackboard is easy. There is one more step to do in Blackboard. You have to go to EDIT TEST CONTROLS. Here you decide when to make the test available to students, how long they have to take it, number of attempsts, password, etc. Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Books/Author

I recently read some books by Ariana Franklin; Mistress of the Art of Death, The Serpent's Tale and City of Shadows. If you like the Kay Scarpetta series and CSI, you will like these books. Be warned, they are not for the faint hearted. The books have strong female characters who aren't "Barbie"ish. Let me know what you think if you read any.

Author biography

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Reads

I have been following the space shuttle lauches through my RSS feeds from NASA. Found out today's launch was cancelled due to weather. Great pics of the day from NASA. Cool picture of the Shuttle Discovery poising for launch.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Article Review

"Debunking the Treehouse"

The author of this article is wary of Facebook and the alledged "social" aspect.  He believes that Facebook is a global social experiment that is lining the pockets of a few individuals.  He also feels that Facebook is keeping individuals anti-social.

I share some of the same feelings as the author although not to the same extend.  Listen, anytime anyone goes overboard with an idea, practice, food, beverage,etc. the results are negative.  Too much running is bad on your joints.  Too much ice cream is bad for your health.  Too much time on Facebook is socially unhealthy.  You can be as popular on Facebook as you want but if you can't approach a real individual and start a conversation or enter a work group and pitch an idea then you are only virtually social.  This would be alright if you're spending your life on the computer.  Hopefully not.  

As far as using Facebook in the classroom, I probably would not use it with my sixth graders.  Mostly because it is my understanding that they are suppose to be 13 or older to have an account.     

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcome New 2009-2010 Sixth Grade Red Team Science Students

Welcome to the Middle School!  Tell me a little about your science-self:  Do you enjoy science?  What are your favorite science topics?  Did you participate in or visit any science related places this summer?  What are you most looking forward to in sixth grade science?  What do you most fear about sixth grade science?  Do either of your parents/guardians have a career in the science field?  If so, what do they do?  Include anything else about yourself that you think I should know.