Friday, April 23, 2010

Matching tests on Respondus

I recently made a matching key term test for science on Respondus. The process was mostly positive. The program is set up like word so using it is familiar. You can print out copies for students who are absent if you don't have a consistant set of computers to use. Be aware, if you want the printed version to print as you entered the words and definitions, you have to click a tiny box after the title of your test. Also, make sure you scroll all the way down the page to click all test options before moving from the page. You have to assign points, decide on calculation method and most importantly, you have to ADD IT TO END OF LIST. If you do not do this, you loose the test/quiz. Once Mark R. set up the transisition info. between Respondus and Blackboard, posting to Blackboard is easy. There is one more step to do in Blackboard. You have to go to EDIT TEST CONTROLS. Here you decide when to make the test available to students, how long they have to take it, number of attempsts, password, etc. Let me know what you think!


Andrea Weis said...

M.C., that sound really complicated. Is it worth it? Do you think it gets easier with repetition ?(for the teacher). How much click time is there? I've found that there is a lot of click and wait in bb and respondus and wordchamp is real-time. Convince me.
-A Weis

tech guy said...

I do think putting tests on Blackboard does get easier with time...and I also think the click and wait time in Blackboard is unacceptable. I have changed to Google Chrome as my main browser and that makes a big difference.
Real time (or as close as possible) is ideal. Getting data out of Blackboard by student is burdensome and I only do it when I really need it. I love Word Champ from what I've see so far and need ideas on how a regular (non FL) teacher could integrate into the classroom.